Prinz Leo is a London-based multi-instrumentalist from Austria. He fuses Indie with Hip-Hop and his signature guitar sound. His songwriting embraces vulnerability and advocates for redefining the virtues of men: it’s brave to be vulnerable. It’s cool to express how we feel and there’s power in showing emotions.

Originally from Schleedorf, Austria Prinz Leo moved to London in 2018 to pursue his passion for music and started studying Production and Songwriting at LCCM. After a few months into his studies Leo dropped out because he believed the best way to learn about music was to write and perform it.

After losing his grandfather, who played a big role in Leo’s upbringing, playing the guitar was his way of dealing with the loss of someone who was very dear to him. This was Leo’s first encounter with music and it became his mission to share the impact music has had on him with others.

A turning point for Prinz Leo was when he saw Carlos Santana perform. The event opened a door to another musical dimension, and after getting a guitar pick from Santana, Leo switched from playing classical guitar to electric and started writing his own songs. His thirst for expression and collaboration led him to form and tour with bands such as Lea&Leo and Revelia. Leo’s commitment to music and entrepreneurial spirit led him to work with David Hauser for six years and was mentored by Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy).

Over the last months, Prinz Leo has built an engaging online-community of over 10.000 followers across different platforms. His videos have been watched over 500.000 times.

Another passion of Prinz Leo’s is making clothes, he has won the Award for “Best apprentice from Salzburg” for the work he has done as a tailor. It is no surprise that he makes his own stage outfits.