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Prinz Leo is a songwriter originally from Salzburg (Austria) and resident in London, where he is currently preparing his debut album, a collection of songs that has already taken him to perform at London Marathon (UK), in Vienna (AT), Bern (CH) and even in Cannes (F).

Indie folk songs with influences that go from Bon Iver to Jeff Buckley. What makes Prinz Leo’s music recognisable is the use of looped double bass bow on his electric guitar and the heartfelt emotion behind every word. Characterised by captivating melodies, soothing vocals and the embrace of guitars, his music invites listeners into a world of tranquil intimacy that offers an oasis of serenity amidst the chaos of the modern world.

Prinz Leo (Leonhard Wimmer) started making music when he was just 7. Writing songs became his way of coping with losing his grandfather. Now, through his music, he hopes to offer others the same kind of comfort and healing that music gave him.


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Press Features

Prinz Leo has already caught the eye of the music press:

“Prinz Leo’s distinctive looped double bass bow on electric guitar creates a rich, resonant sound that pairs effortlessly with his undeniably romantic lyrics, which tugs at your heartstrings.” NOTION (full article here)

“With performances at prestigious venues like the London Marathon and O2 Academy Islington, and international stages in Vienna, Bern, and Cannes, Prinz Leo continues to captivate audiences.” NOTION (full article here)

“Emerging indie artist Prinz Leo captivates once again with his latest single, ‘summer ahead.’ Known for his distinctive sound and deeply personal lyrics, Leo’s new release is a nostalgic ode to the passionate, all-consuming nature of young love.” Music Crowns (full article here)

“Während seiner aktuellen Europa-Tour verzaubert Prinz Leo die Hörer mit einer faszinierenden, träumerischen Ruhe und tiefen Emotionen, die berühren.” (german original).
“During his ongoing European tour, Prinz Leo captivates audiences with a fascinating, dreamy tranquility and deep emotions that touch the soul.” (english translation)  Salzburger Nachrichten

Live @ New Cross Inn London (Oct 24th 2023)

Notable Highlights

Prinz Leo’s musical journey has been marked by a series of notable achievements and exciting milestones. With over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a testament to the widespread resonance of his music, he has forged a genuine connection with his audience. His Instagram presence has also flourished, boasting an engaged following of over 8,000 individuals who are captivated by his artistic expressions. In the realm of community engagement, Prinz Leo has cultivated a strong connection with over 700 email subscribers, fostering a direct line of communication with his supporters. Embarking on his first Europe tour in 2022 was a monumental step, allowing Prinz Leo to share his soulful melodies and heartfelt performances with audiences across the continent, leaving an indelible mark on his growing musical journey.