Secret preview (for members of the Royal Family only)

I’m happy to share this secret exclusive preview of The More You Give with you. This is a very special song to me. I got the inspiration for the song from the following event:
When I used to live in Peckham (South London) I often saw Josh, a homeless man without legs, in his wheelchair. He always smiled at people wishing them a great day instead of begging for money. I sometimes gave him some coins. One day, I was busking in Peckham, Josh came over to listen and watch my performance and threw money in my guitar case. This event was so touching and very powerful life lesson: The More You Give The More You Get (I’m talking about the kind of giving where you don’t expect anything in return).
The song was written by me, co-written by Robert Bridges, produced by Camelle Hinds (Central Line), mixed by Nick Hunt (Depeche Mode) and mastered by Marcellus Frank.

More updates to come soon.

May you live like a king.
Prinz Leo